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International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities

Message from the IAMRA Chair

10 Jan 2022 2:30 PM | Anonymous

COVID-19 has impacted our work as medical regulatory authorities in so many ways. One of the benefits of membership in IAMRA has been the opportunity to connect with members and partners on learnings and strategies to deal with COVID-19, and our series of webinars and the recent virtual conference are tangible examples of those benefits.

COVID-19 has been a transformational event for all of us. Let’s take those lessons learned to maximize our use of digital technology to the next level. We are a very small group that does professional regulation, and our greatest opportunities to be the best at what we do is through our networking and sharing of best practices with our peers. With the use of digital technologies, we expand our reach, our interactions and peer group very effectively. 

I am excited and honored to have the opportunity to serve as the Chair of IAMRA - it is truly a privilege. I am committed to the goals of IAMRA, and see lots of opportunities ahead to expand the member and partner base of IAMRA, and share and promote best practices in medical regulation. I reflect on the wise words of Jim Campbell from the World Health Organization regarding the WHO’s global strategy on human resources for health, “There is no doubt that team-based care is at the heart of addressing the challenges we experience in health human resources.”

Our challenge is to now redesign and refine professional regulation and public protection and public interest when that health care is delivered by integrated teams. Developing countries and developed countries are equally able to contribute to this new model of professional regulation. Creating and designing models of regulation that oversee teams of health care workers, some of whom are virtual and some of whom are in place will be exciting. 

Dr. Heidi Oetter
Chair of IAMRA

International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities

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