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Vision, Purpose, Goals and Objectives

Everyone around the world is treated and cared for by safe and competent doctors.

Purpose To promote effective medical regulation worldwide by supporting best practice, innovation, collaboration, and knowledge                          sharing in the interest of public safety and in support of the medical profession.

Goals and Objectives:

Support medical regulatory authorities to achieve best practice by:

Goal 1:  Creating a global community of medical regulators by expanding IAMRA’s membership, partnerships and impact, and increasing                  value to members.


                 a)    Increase membership in under-represented areas (e.g., Central and South America, Asia, Pacific, Europe, non-English-                              speaking Africa)
                 b)   Identify key IAMRA resources that should be offered in other languages (website and conference content)
                 c)    Facilitate opportunities for interaction among IAMRA members via website, webinar, events, and social media, and make                          selected content available to non-members

                 d)  Support and enhance the capability of developing regulatory authorities

                 e)   Survey IAMRA members

                 f)     Provide members with relevant and useful guidelines and policy statements

                 g)    Develop and implement an award for excellence, innovation and leadership in medical regulation

Goal 2:  Supporting and encouraging members to provide, in the interest of the public, regulatory practices and systems that strive for                   best practice and contribute to the provision of safe and effective health care by the medical profession.


                 a)   Present biennial symposia

                 b)  Regulation re-imagined  

Goal 3:  Leveraging technology, i) in pursuit IAMRA’s purpose, including the sharing of fitness to practice/disciplinary information among                      IAMRA members; and ii) guiding members on the adoption of technology in regulation and healthcare.


                 a)  Continue the proactive data sharing pilot project

                 b)  Facilitate the efficient and effective use of Certificates of Good Standing (CGS)/Certificates of Professional Standing (CPS)                          by all medical regulatory authorities

                 c)  Produce resources relevant to guiding members on the adoption of technology in regulation and healthcare

Goal 4:  Strengthening the evidence base for regulation by encouraging research and evaluation of regulatory processes, and the                           publication and sharing of findings.


                 a)  Facilitate members’ access to current research in medical regulation

                 b)  Guide medical regulatory authorities in the development of their research agendas

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