Medical Regulators 

Around the World

Vision, Goals and Objectives

Everyone around the world is treated and cared for by safe and competent doctors.

Goals and Objectives:

Support medical regulatory authorities to achieve best practice by:

Goal 1:  Creating a global community of medical regulators by expanding IAMRA’s membership

              and influence, and increase value to members.


a)   Increase membership in under-represented areas (e.g., Central and South America, Europe, non-English-

      speaking Africa)

b)   Identify key IAMRA resources that should be offered in other languages (website, conference)

c)   Facilitate opportunities for interaction among IAMRA members (e.g. webinars, conferences and symposia, 

      social media)

d)   Support the establishment of regulatory systems where these do not currently exist

e)   Draft statements:

         a.   Primacy of patient safety

         b.   Supporting the independence of regulation

f)   Membership Committee to review format, frequency and content of membership survey

g)  Develop stakeholder engagement plan

Goal 2:  Promoting appropriate accreditation processes to achieve high standards in medical education and



a)   Draft a statement on accreditation of post-graduate training

b)   Establish and foster links with key organizations involved in the accreditation of medical education and

      post-graduate training programs

Goal 3:  Supporting and encouraging members to develop mechanisms for assuring the continued competence

              of doctors.


a)   Review current statement on continued competence to include mention of value of reciprocity/substantive

      equivalency of CPD accreditation standards

b)   Establish a working group on continued competence that is inclusive of issues related to physician assessment

      and enhancement research and practices

c)   Commit to supporting biennial continued competency symposia

Goal 4:  Promoting and enabling the proactive sharing of fitness to practice/disciplinary information among IAMRA



a)   Implement proactive data sharing system

b)   Encourage members to provide updated information regarding what is and is not included on their Certificates

      of Good Standing (CGSs), Certificates of Professional Conduct (CPCs), etc.

c)   Expand list of links to public registers and provide list of what information each jurisdiction includes

d)   Disaster response/medical aid - regulatory issues - consider a statement

e)   Compile a list of regulators who are willing and able to enter into electronic CGS/CPC sharing agreements

Goal 5:  Strengthening the evidence base for regulation by encouraging research and evaluation of regulatory

              processes, and the publication and sharing of findings.


a)   Establish a working group to progress this goal (tasks would include, e.g., conducting an environment scan,

      developing a foundational statement)

b)   create a web-based repository of relevant published research about medical regulation

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