Welcome to IAMRA

IAMRA strives to be responsive to the needs and future direction of medical regulatory authorities worldwide. Communication, participation and interaction by all are deemed paramount to the true success of this international collaboration. IAMRA is organized and shall be operated exclusively to support the purposes of medical regulation through scientific, educational and collaborative activities, which shall include the furtherance of the following purpose:

To encourage best practice among medical regulatory authorities worldwide in the achievement of their mandate - to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public by ensuring proper standards for the profession of medicine.

News Updates

  • 12th International Conference on Medical Regulation
    September 20-23, 2016
    Melbourne, Australia

October 22-23, 2014
Conrad Hotel (Shk Zayed Road)
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Health Authority and the Government of Dubai are pleased to invite you to the Dubai Health Regulation Conference, which will take place October 22-23, 2014 at the Conrad Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Themes for the meeting include:

  • Regulation of Systems
  • Regulation of Health Care Professionals
  • Regulation of Sports Medicine
  • Regulation of Pharmacies
  • Quality Assurance
  • Medical Complaints
This two-day event will encompass a Conference on Health Regulations and an Exhibition on Medical Tourism. The event hopes to bring together Regulators, Health Care Professionals, Patients, Researchers, Policy Makers, Educators, Tour Operators, Medical Tourism Facilitators and other entities with an active interest in Health Regulations. The Medical Tourism Exhibition running parallel to the conference aims to bring together Tour Operators, Medical Tourism Facilitators & other entities with interest in Medical Tourism to showcase the HealthCare facilities in Dubai.

We hope you will join us in Dubai for this exciting Conference!

IAMRA ASSESSMENT RESOURCE IAMRA Assessment RecourceThe IAMRA Exam Review Working Group is pleased to present the IAMRA Assessment Resource. IAMRA provides this site as a resource for those seeking information on the assessment requirements and practices of Medical Regulatory Authorities (MRAs) from around the world. The site contains recent information on the assessment requirements for medical practice in several MRAs that are members of IAMRA. It is the desire of IAMRA to add information for MRAs not currently represented. MRAs seeking to add information to this website should contact the IAMRA Secretariat.