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International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IAMRA?

The International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA) is a membership organization whose purpose is to promote effective medical regulation worldwide by supporting best practice, innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing in the interest of public safety and in support of the medical profession.

IAMRA's vision is that everyone around the world is treated and cared for by safe and competent doctors.

At its core, IAMRA is about encouraging and facilitating international cooperation and understanding. We aim to provide opportunities for members to share information and discuss common problems.

IAMRA does not promote or endorse any particular model of medical regulation. We recognize there are many different structures and approaches and we want to support and encourage effective regulatory systems that provide the foundation for patient safety and public protection.

Given the increasing mobility of the medical workforce, the impacts of regulation are felt across the world. What happens in one jurisdiction has the potential to affect another. The challenge for medical regulators is to create relevant and effective systems that can respond to:

  • the rapidly changing environments in which physicians work;
  • the changes in both healthcare and communication technologies;
  • evolving healthcare delivery systems.

What are the goals of IAMRA?

To support medical regulatory authorities to achieve best practice by:

    • Creating a global community of medical regulators by expanding IAMRA’s membership, partnerships and impact, and increasing value to members;
    • Supporting and encouraging members to provide, in the interest of the public, regulatory practices and systems that strive for best practice and contribute to the provision of safe and effective health care by the medical profession;
    • Leveraging technology, i) in pursuit IAMRA’s purpose, including the sharing of fitness to practice/disciplinary information among IAMRA members; and ii) guiding members on the adoption of technology in regulation and healthcare.
    • Strengthening the evidence base for regulation by encouraging research and evaluation of regulatory processes, and the publication and sharing of findings.
      Click here to see the specific objectives for these goals.

          Who belongs to IAMRA?

          IAMRA is comprised of medical regulatory authorities and other organizations involved in medical regulation as well as organizations involved in regulating other health professions.

          View the complete list of IAMRA members.

          What are the benefits of being a member of IAMRA?

          When you join IAMRA, you join an international community of organizations that share your commitment to excellence in medical regulation. This community is an important source of support, information, and resources for your organization. Through membership, your organization also can collaborate with international colleagues to shape the future of medical regulation. 

          • Members can participate in committees and working groups which promote collaboration among the international regulatory community and provide the opportunity to influence medical regulatory standards on a global basis.
          • Members receive advance notification of IAMRA events and conferences and have the opportunity to host an event, thereby gaining worldwide exposure for their organization.  Members are offered discounted conference registration fees.
          • Members have exclusive access to many useful resources on the IAMRA website.

          What are the types of IAMRA membership?

          IAMRA offers membership at the Member and Partner levels, depending on the nature of your organization’s work and involvement in the field of medical regulation. Learn more about our Membership Levels.

          How does my organization become a member of IAMRA?

          Organizations may apply for membership online or by contacting the IAMRA secretariat at:

          400 Fuller Wiser Road, Suite 300
          Euless, Texas 76039
          Phone: + 1-817-868-4006
          Fax:     + 1-817-868-4097

          Become a Member

          If your organization would like to apply for membership in IAMRA, please complete the online membership application.  

          Become a Member

          Contact Us

          IAMRA Secretariat     
          400 Fuller Wiser Road
          Euless, Texas 76039

          Phone Number:  + 1-817-868-4006
          Fax Number:  + 1-817-868-4097
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